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"It was such an amazing feeling to see everything that I had been imagining and planning in my head had come to life."

Before hiring Darlene to coordinate our wedding, we were all over the place.  We had many ideas and were not sure how it would all come together. At our first meeting, we knew Darlene would be perfect for us!  She saw our vision and wasn’t afraid to speak her opinion based off her experience. She followed up frequently with us and made recommendations as needed.  Having Darlene from the beginning was such a bonus because she knew exactly what we wanted throughout all the planning stages. She kept an eye out for things that would tie into our theme and would email pictures or ideas that may fit in.

On the morning of the wedding, I felt confident enough with Darlene that I gave her my wedding binder also known as my wedding “bible.”  It contained every single bit of detail that I had planned for the wedding over the previous 8 months. My bridesmaids and I got ready in a separate location a few minutes from the wedding site. I was so happy to be able to enjoy this time with my girls; getting ready, sharing stories, and just being able to let all my anxiety go before I married my best friend. Darlene stopped by to check in and to fill me in on the status. She showed me pictures of things being set up and just let me know that I looked beautiful!

When we arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could only see a small portion of the field but it was such an amazing feeling to see everything that I had been imagining and planning in my head had come to life. I could not have been happier in that very moment. Everywhere I looked everything looked so much better than I could have imagined. It was such an amazing feeling to see all our closest friends and family having a great time all around us. If you are thinking about a wedding coordinator think no more. Darlene is the best decision you will make when picking a planner/coordinator for your wedding. Not only was she the best person for the job but we also gained a friend!  ~Danielle Adams, Bride



"They were dedicated to making my wedding day one of the most special days in my life."

"Darlene and JT Taylor are my heroes! They were great with planning, decorating, and giving the emotional support that was needed to get through my wedding day and also the whole planning process. And I can't forget to mention they kept us within our budget! Darlene was just full of ideas and always made sure I did and had what I wanted. My theme for my wedding was "Simple, Yet Elegant." They were also great to have for the rehearsal and wedding day. They made sure that everyone was where they needed to be and did what they needed to do. Their goal was that I was to be as stress free as possible on that day. They succeeded! I was so relaxed on that day because I knew they were overseeing and making sure that everything was just right. Darlene only met with me a handful of times throughout the planning and kept in constant contact through e-mail and phone. I very much recommend TaylorMade Weddings! They are affordable and most importantly, dedicated to making my wedding day one of the most special days in my life. If they could do all that for me, they can most certainly do that for you!"  ~Danielle Guerrant, Bride

"What an awesome team you are!"

"Thanks so much for everything!! God knew we needed help and He blessed us with you. Not sure what we would have done without you. What an awesome team you've helped make this an incredibly special day. Love you both!"    ~Keith and Melinda, Parents of the Bride



"You truly made it a special day."


"Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding. You truly made it a beautiful day. We really appreciate it!"   ~Audra and Ben, Bride & Groom



"You treated this event like it was one of your own family."

"Thank you so very much for all that you have done for our daughter's wedding. There were so many aspects of your service that we appreciated, but the one thing that truly was evident was that you treated this event like it was one of your own family. We could see through your attention to detail that every aspect of the wedding was important from the rehearsal to the reception.

Your experience in wedding planning and organizing was also evident. No matter what happened you were never caught off guard. Both of you were always at the right place at the right time. You were always where you were needed most. Your professionalism seemed to have a calming effect on everyone. Neither my wife, nor I, felt any anxiety during the rehearsal, the wedding ceremony, or the reception. We had peace knowing you had everything under control.

You both went above and beyond what we or anyone else expected. We could see that you had committed yourselves 110% to this event. It amazes me how you maintained such control over every aspect of this wedding and yet it was still Danielle's and Jeremy's day.

If anyone were to ask my opinion as to whether they should hire you for their wedding I would say 'most definitely,' for they would receive far more then what they paid for. Thank you again for caring." ~Earl Chastain, Father of the Bride

"We enjoyed a stress free day"

"Thank you, Darlene & JT, for your hard work to make Sara and Matt's day extra special. We enjoyed a stress-free day and we couldn't have done it without you! God Bless you!" ~Mary and John, Parents of the Bride


"Not a single person worried about a thing."

"I had the privilege of working with Darlene of TaylorMade Weddings. She sent out multiple emails over the month prior to the event, which helped me and all the other vendors know exactly what they needed to know for the wedding. Directions, Times, Schedules of Events, etc. I mean I had everything I needed from emails that I usually get 2 days before the wedding by a bride. Yet these emails came early enough to allow me to plan properly. Not only was I at ease, but it seemed the whole family was more relaxed. Everyone referred to Darlene to get the smallest task completed. Talk about a Stress Reliever. Not a single person worried about a thing. And I personally worked with many planners and each time I get to do a proper photo shoot because they keep things rolling correctly. But Darlene was the first planner I seen get dirty in the kitchen cooking and cleaning in the morning, so the rest of the family has one less thing to worry about. So what does Darlene mean for your wedding? 01) Complete assurance that your Vendors will be well informed and arrive on time. 02) Schedule you've planned with her will go AS PLANNED, because she focuses on things you don't have to. 03) You and your family will be able to completely enjoy the day you've spent thousands of dollars on making perfect." ~Harsheet Patel, Harsheet Patel Photography


"Darlene knows how to make everyone feel at ease"

Darlene is exceptional, very organized and personable, knows how to make everyone feel at ease during one of the most important, and often nervous days of their lives. It truly is a pleasure to work with her, and her relaxed, yet very professional, style is delightful! ~Brenda Berry, Sacred Celebrations






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