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what it would be like to have the wedding of your dreams. You are surrounded by people you love dearly. There is calm. There is peace. You don't have a care in the world. Your day is finally here! You've been planning for months leading up to this day and you're so relaxed and confident because you know that everything is coming together effortlessly. It feels so amazing watching your closest friends and family having a great time all around you instead of working tirelessly and missing out on all those splendid moments.

There is no rush. You don't have a to-do list today. You have a team of amazing wedding professionals working together bringing your beautiful wedding to life! Your only focus is on the love that you both share and to have the time of your life!

Sounds wonderful right?




You've just seen what a dream wedding can be. And because you're reading this right now, I know it's what you want for yourself. Read on to find out how we can make your dream wedding possible for you.



Full Service Wedding Planning and Design

You have a vision of how you'd like your wedding day to be. Whether it's been from the time you were a little girl or from the time you got engaged, you own a vision of how you'd like your day to you want your guests to feel...yet you realize it's too time consuming to execute. You're a busy bride who wants to relax and enjoy her wedding planning experience. Full Service Wedding Planning and Design will give you just that. Our team will design, coordinate, orchestrate, and manage your day down to the very last detail. Our 5 point TaylorMade Wedding Plan will free up your time and energy so you have more time for what's important - the two of YOU!

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Wedding Consulting and Day Of Management

You're a bride who has a vision of your wedding day and you are so motivated and excited to get the ball rolling that you've already started your wedding planning and have chosen some of your vendors. However, you realize the huge challenge of bringing it all together so nothing is forgotten and everything runs smoothly. Wedding Consulting and Day of Management will give you your own personal consultant - a second pair of eyes - working alongside you throughout your wedding planning helping you to smooth out your details, coordinate your vendors and your planning schedule, and carry out every detail of your vision all the way through your wedding day.

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Wedding Day Management

You are a bride who enjoys wedding planning and has planned and organized everything for your wedding day. Yet, as the day draws closer, you realize you need some professional polish and organization to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy the day that you've planned and worked so hard for. Wedding Day Management provides an experienced coordinator to organize and manage your entire day.

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Do you find that you need a little help getting started in your wedding planning?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with details, schedules, budgets, contracts or etiquette? A Jump-Start Wedding Consultation will help you get on track. I will help you streamline your goals and get a plan of action by offering specific advice regarding your budget, vendors, vendor contracts, etiquette and decor. We work together from wherever you're at in your wedding planning - either from the very beginning or knee-deep in planning. Every bride benefits from a personal wedding consultation. 


My goal is to get to know all about you...your likes and dislikes, your style, your that together we can create a wedding that is totally you. A TaylorMade wedding! Call 540-550-0095 today or email to schedule a Get Acquainted session. Your perfect beginning starts now!